Four Signs That Your Farm Needs New Rainwater Tanks

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The key to a successful farm is a good water management system. While rainwater tanks are an excellent way to collect and store excess water for use later, they may need to be replaced if they are damaged or worn out. Here are four signs that your farm needs new rainwater tanks.

1. The Storage Capacity Has Decreased Significantly 

If you have an older tank that's been through many years of use, it may have lost some capacity over time. One of the most important reasons why you should replace your storage tanks is if they have significantly decreased in capacity recently. This can be due to a multitude of factors such as corrosion and rusting. You may also need new rainwater tanks if there are holes in them or if they have cracks in them. Your old tank may also need replacement if it is leaking or if it has developed leaks over time. 

2. Your Tank Has Rusted Out

If your tank is made of galvanised steel or other ferrous metals, it may have started to rust over time. In most cases, this happens because of improper installation or maintenance. It can also happen if the water inside of the tank freezes during the winter months and expands against the walls of the tank causing them to break apart.

3. Your Tank Has Cracked Concrete Liners Or A Leaky Roof

If these issues aren't addressed quickly, they could cause serious damage to not only your property but also your home and even those who live near you. Asphalt shingles and concrete liners are designed for flat roofs, not sloped ones like those found on many farms or commercial buildings so it's important to replace them before they start leaking or cracking and causing problems for everyone involved with the structure as well as anyone who lives nearby.

4. The Colour Of Your Water Has Changed

If the colour of your water has changed from clear to muddy or yellow, then this means that there is something wrong with your rainwater tank. This happens when algae start growing in your tank or when bacteria like E-coli grows in it due to poor maintenance practices or lack of regular cleaning. This kind of contamination can lead to health issues for both humans and animals who consume contaminated water from these tanks. Hence, you must clean your farm's rainwater tank regularly so that these harmful organisms do not get inside it and contaminate it further.

Rainwater tanks are essential to any farm and a vital part of the water cycle. It's important to make sure that your rainwater tank is still doing its job and protecting your property. If you notice the above four signs, chat with an expert about new rainwater tanks today.