Enhanced Features of New Tractor Models

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A tractor is one of the most helpful machines that you can have on your farm. If you are considering buying a new tractor, read on and find out which new features you should be on the lookout for.

Better Engine Control Units (ECU)

New tractors on the market such as those from Massey Ferguson now come with enhanced engine control units. The ECU will help you to lower the cost of servicing this tractor since it does not need replaceable parts like a diesel particulate filter to regulate emissions.

Greater Driver Comfort

Previously, driving a tractor meant enduring work conditions that offered very little comfort. This was because the suspension systems of these machines were not very effective in reducing the bounce that you would experience as you drove over uneven surfaces. The new tractors such as those manufactured by Massey Ferguson are changing all that. They have upgraded front suspension systems that reduce the fatigue that you would feel after working all day. 

Clear Lines of Sight

The new tractor models are streamlined and sleek. This compact build makes it easy for you to have a clear view of the work area. You therefore have no need to lean forward (and suffer back pain) in order to see where the tractor is heading.

Programmable Speed Control

The latest versions of tractors have buttons that you can push in order to control the speed range within which you want to drive. These buttons remove a significant amount of hassle out of driving a tractor since you do not have to keep shifting gears as you drive.

Larger Display

A feature that many tractor drivers are likely to appreciate is the larger display that the new tractors have. This large display makes it easy for you to tell at glance what speed you are travelling at, how many hours the tractor has clocked in service and other data relevant to the operations of the machine.

Greater Hydraulic Power

It is now possible to lift loads quickly with the addition of the load-sensing hydraulic pump. This pump quickly delivers lifting power and this easily dispels any fears one may have that the machine is being asked to take on more than it is capable of.

Technology is improving at a very high rate and farm machines are benefiting from those advancements. Do not be left out. Buy a tractor that has the features above and your work will go on more easily and efficiently. Want to learn more? Contact a company like Massey Ferguson tractors sale to learn more.